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The exclusive Ferrari F40 Giallo Modena is restored with the Labocosmetica​ car detailing treatment

The exclusive Ferrari F40 Giallo Modena is restored with the Labocosmetica​ car detailing treatment

The Ferrari F40 will always be remembered as the last super car produced by Maranello with the endorsement of “il Drake”, Enzo Ferrari. At auctions around the world, the bids for this car exceed one million euro. Our detailer, Fabio d’Avenia, had the honour of working on one of these one-of-a-kind gems. Fabio faced a great number of challenges during the 36 hours of treatment. Thanks to his great technical ability and the products in the Labocosmetica​ line, the car’s splendour was restored as though it were fresh off the production line.

The first obstacle he had to deal with were the rims. To loosen the “monodado” central locking wheels of the F40 it was necessary to heat the wheel unit to a high temperature, a complicated operation requiring specific equipment. Then we decided not to take them down, which did not make the work any easier indeed.
Cleaning the engine compartment thoroughly, avoiding water and detergents from getting inside was another big challenge, as was polishing the transparent guard, because of its complex position and difficult access. Lifting the car? “No Problem” on a simple car, but on a low car like this one, it’s a whole other ball game: it needs special lifts. So we got down instead…another challenge for our detailer.

Another challenge that we had to face was the exclusive colour of the car. As you know, every Ferrari F40 to ever be produced was Classic Rosso Corsa. The model being detailed here is the only one ever to be repainted in Giallo Modena and have an official document certifying Maranello’s authorisation for the colour change. As this is not the standard paint, it was impossible to determine its thickness, making it difficult to understand how far to go with the correction, without running the risk of damaging the existing coat of paint. The car’s sharp shapes and unique geometries also required close attention during the polishing stage. It was not easy to gain access any every angle and it was crucial to use different tools to get to the hardest-to-reach points. Lastly, even on an emotional scale, the value of the car made the work a challenge to complete: the slightest distraction could have caused serious damage with very costly consequences.
Working on this Ferrari F40 was both a great challenge and thrilling at the same time. With Labocosmetica​ products and the right equipment, we succeeded in restoring it to its initial splendour.

Enjoy the video which takes you through every step!

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