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Ferrari California GT – Full Detailing & Paint Correction with Labocosmetica

Ferrari California GT – Full Detailing & Paint Correction with Labocosmetica

The Ferrari California is a very fast GT signed by Pininfarina, produced since mid-2008. Like any self-respecting Ferrari, it has a record: this is the first model in the range to adopt the coupé-cabrio body with folding metal hood. Naturally the line recalls some stylistic features evocative of the historic 250 GT California.

The beauty of the current model is that it can also be used as an everyday car, for its high ride comfort, as well as being used as a coupé in the coldest season and in summer, thanks to the roof drive. It is very fast because thanks to the Launch Control device, the California reaches from 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds.

The maximum speed is well 310 km / h. The beauty of Ferrari California is that it can be used as a car every day: our challenge was therefore to find a Ferrari that had traveled thousands of miles just like a small car. Bringing this Ferrari back to its original splendor was a difficult task, but the result was crazy!

Find out how it went in this feature film where we documented each step together with the detailer Michele Pardini and our Labocosmetica​ line.

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